Grant for supporting the refugee camp Gawilan, Kurdish Iraq 2016

Project: Refugee camp Gawilan (Kurdish Iraq) 

Beneficiary: Rode Kruis Vlaanderen (Red Cross)

Amount: 200.000 euro

Duration: april 2016 

In the refugee camp Gawilan in the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq, near Erbil, live about 6,500 refugees from Syria. 

Minister-president Bourgeois makes 200.000 euros available to the Red Cross for the direct support ("cash transfers") of 967 vulnerable families. The Flemish aid is part of a larger project of the International Red Cross, accounting for 4.2 million euros. The families involved can decide for themselves, under the monitoring of the aid agencies, how they want to use that money for vital purchases or set up a small independent activity. These cash transfers also stimulate the local economy in and around the refugee camps.