Grant for Memorial Garden Canberra (2017)

Project: Memorial Garden - Flanders Fields Memorial Garden in Canberra

Beneficiary: Australian War Memorial

Amount: 200.000 euro

Duration: opening in April 2017

In April 2017 the Australian War Memorial officially opened the Flanders Fields Memorial Garden. The memorial gardens abroad help to ensure international attention for Flanders Fields and Flanders as peace destination after 2018. The memorial gardens honor and commemorate everyone who fought and died during the war. In addition, the memorial gardens are a symbol of hope, peace and reconciliation. 

As a result of agreements between Britain and Australia, the Australians took part in the First World War to defend their motherland. A total of almost 417,000 Australians served in the army, about one in fifteen of the total population. 330,000 went overseas and more than 215,000 of them were victims of the war, including 60,000 deaths.