Grant for maintaining the national immunisation rate through a sustainable vaccination policy in Malawi, 2012

Duration: 2012-2014

Budget: 1.999.934

With this programme, the Government of Flanders wants to help support Malawi’s national health policy and reduce child mortality (MDG4).

Duration and budget

The Government of Flanders allocates a grant of 1,999,934 euros to this sustainable vaccination policy. The programme started in 2012 and will end in late 2014.

Problem definition

The health care sector in Malawi is under pressure, especially due to a shortage of medical staff and the lack of diagnostic and therapeutic capacity. Vaccinations too are essential in fighting child mortality, especially for children under the age of five. Malawi's objective is to reduce the child mortality rate by two thirds, among other things by providing a sufficient number of vaccines. It has already succeeded in substantially reducing child mortality, thanks to a considerable increase in the immunisation rate (86% in 2007). It is important to maintain this progress. Hence the investment in this programme.

Practical implementation

The purchases for the vaccination programme of the Health Sector Strategic Plan are financed through UNICEF Malawi. Thanks to the participation of the Malawian Ministry of Health, the national vaccination programme "Expanded Programme on Immunisation" can be kept on schedule. At the request of the Ministry, UNICEF is cooperated with because this organisation can deliver the required vaccines and materials more quickly through a parallel purchase channel.