Grant for INS for protection personnel AfriCoVER project, Mozambique, 2020

Project: protection staff of AfriCoVER project 
Beneficiary: Institutio Nacional de Saude Mozambique (INS) 
Amount: 87,000 euros 
Duration: 12 months

The AfriCoVER project aims to better understand the transmissibility and epidemic spread of COVID-19 in Mozambique and Sub-Saharan Africa. This way, medical and preventive resources and strategies can be used more effectively and efficiently. For Sub-Saharan Africa, it is important that the role of other infectious diseases such as TB and AIDS, of specific social interactions and of asymptomatic infections is also examined.

The AfriCoVER project is a collaboration between the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp (ITG) and the Institutio Nacional de Saude Mozambique (INS) (with the collaboration of partners from France and the Netherlands for certain components) and is financed by EDCTP (The European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership).

At the time of application to EDCTP, at the beginning of the pandemic, existing staff safety protocols seemed to be sufficient. In the meantime, it is known that Covid-19 infection is completely different from e.g. cholera, TB and even Ebola. The protocols therefore need to be adjusted.  Flanders now provides extra resources to make this necessary adjustment possible, so that the safety of the personnel deployed by INS can be guaranteed.

The Flemish subsidy is intended for training and material for the security of the personnel of INS deployed in the AfriCoVER project.