Grant for "Inclusive Trade and Decent Work: Supporting Policies" (2020-2022)

Project: Contributing to sustainable development through more inclusive trade that benefits a wider range of workers and businesses.

Beneficiary: International Labor Organization

Amount: 468,000 euros

Duration: 24 months

The project aims to develop and share knowledge through a better understanding of policy measures that provide an answer to (negative) trade effects on the labor market. In the first place, the project proposal aims to build knowledge through strengthening the capacity of ILO member states to implement international labor standards, including labor provisions. Specific attention is paid to a favorable business environment that fosters SMEs and the empowerment of workers, in particular young people and women, and supports sustainable business models.

This project is part of the demand for a level playing field through international regulations and the public attention for the sometimes unequal distributional effects of trade. In addition, it is in line with the ILO project, financed by Flanders, on labor provisions in trade agreements.

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