Grant for improving the supply chain and logistic services in the agro-industry in southern Africa, 2008

Duration: 2008-2012

Budget: 1.000.000

Since 2008, the Government of Flanders has supported the Supply Chain and Logistics Development Programme of the International Trade Centre (ITC). This programme is aimed at improving the supply chain and logistic services of 8 countries in southern Africa, including South Africa, Mozambique and Malawi.

Duration and budget

The programme started in 2008 and ended in June 2012. An amount of 1 million euros was earmarked.

Problem definition

Many southern African countries are faced with an important handicap. Their supply chains and logistic services are not reliable. Agricultural producers do not succeed, for instance, in meeting the essential product or market requirements. This ITC programme will bring the European knowledge regarding this matter to the agro-industry of these countries.

Practical implementation

The programme teaches the African partners how they can set up a reliable and sustainable supply chain. Thanks to targeted technical assistance, they are given opportunities in a number of emerging activities of agricultural industry, such as horticulture or the export of processed foodstuffs. In addition, the ITC programme enhances their competitiveness against leading export countries, such as Brazil, China, Israel and Mexico, both on the domestic market and worldwide.

In Malawi, an approach was designed to bring smallholder producers around the capital of Lilongwe into contact with a supermarket chain. This provided them with a new local market to sell their products.

In South Africa a model was developed to establish contacts between producers in the region of the Western Cape and in Limpopo. This made it possible for them to enter into cooperation and give each other technical support.


International Trade Centre (ITC)