Grant for ILO project for a sustainable natural stone industry in India, 2018

ProjectPaving the way for a sustainable natural stone industry in India

Beneficiary: ILO ( via Flanders - ILO Trust fund)

Amount338.630 euro

Duration: September 2018 – September 2020

This project focuses on improving labour standards in quarries in the Indian province of Rajasthan, and making the supply chain of natural stone more sustainable. In the first place, ILO, together with the national government of India and the regional government of Rajasthan, and in consultation with employers 'and employees' organizations, set up an action plan for a sustainable natural stone sector.

In addition, training will also be organized aimed at labour inspection in India to better enforce existing labour rights. Finally, strategic dialogues will be set up with public and private buyers of natural stone at the end of the supply chain to obtain support for the national strategy.