Grant for human rights activities in Ukraine

Project: Grant to the Council of Europe for human rights activities in Ukraine

Beneficiary: Council of Europe

Subsidy: 57,881 euros => 65,936 euros (COVID-19)

Period: 2020/2021

The Council of Europe will organize activities on the human rights of journalists and judges in Ukraine. First, the sixth edition of a summer school will take place in Kiev where students will be taught on current topics: safety of journalists, freedom of association and law enforcement. In addition, two more seminars are taking place in Lviv and Odessa for journalists, judges and court spokespersons on the relations between journalists and the judiciary. The aim is to make Ukrainians more aware of their rights and thus provide them with more guidance in potentially difficult situations in the future.

This project stimulates better compliance with European and international human rights standards, which at the same time contributes to greater stability.