Grant for Empowered Entrepreneurs’ Representation in South Africa, 2015

Project: Partnerships for empowered entrepreneurs representation

Partner: Trias vzw

Budget: €1.000.000

Duration: 01.01.2016 – 31.12.2018

The project aims to help fight poverty and improve living conditions in South Africa by increasing the chances of success of SMEs in the townships. To that end Trias works together with UNIZO and three South African entrepreneurs’ organisations which establish connections with local and provincial entrepreneurs’ organisations.

Four key goals are pursued:

  • to encourage the poor, women and youth from the townships to participate actively in their entrepreneurs’ organisation;
  • to reinforce the internal organisation and sustainability of the entrepreneurs’ organisations;
  • the entrepreneurs’ organisations and their strategic partners offer an integrated and quality service provision which promotes the participation of the poor, women and youth in the markets;
  • to encourage entrepreneurs’ organisations to coordinate, cooperate and enter into dialogue with other actors in order to achieve a more inclusive global society.

The project is targeted on starting entrepreneurs from disadvantaged groups who have the potential to grow. As a result of the increased capacity the entrepreneurs of the selected townships will have access to more targeted advice, entrepreneurship support and funding.  The focus on influencing policy at the local level gives the 11,000 members the opportunity to make their voices heard, starting with the 2016 municipal elections. Finally, the entrepreneurs of local or provincial entrepreneurs’ organisations, half of which will be young people or women, also receive direct training and monitoring.

Trias South Africa