Grant for emergency aid refugees of Mosul 2016

Project: Emergency aid for the refugees of Mosul, Iraq)

Beneficiary: UNHCR

Amount: 350.000 euro

Duration: november 2016 

The Government of Flanders approved a grant of 350,000 euros to UNHCR for the refugees from Mosul. 

Mosul is the third largest city in Iraq and located just across the border of the Kurdish Autonomous Region in Iraq. Since 2014, Mosul is controlled by Islamic State (IS). The Kurdish population but also a significant Christian minority in the city were largely persecuted and expelled. In October 2016, a major offensive was launched to free Mosul from IS. 

The battle for Mosul has major humanitarian consequences, and this in a region that is already very vulnerable. The refugee agency of the United Nations (UNHCR) estimates that about one million people are fleeing the violence. UNHCR, together with other humanitarian organizations and local governments are preparing for this wave of refugees. It must not be forgotten that the Kurdish Autonomous Region already receives more than 1.8 million refugees in its territory.