Grant for an update of the guidelines for cervical cancer detection, 2011

Duration: 2011

Budget: 309.102

Through this grant, the Government of Flanders wants to make sure that cervical cancer can be detected more rapidly in the partner countries of Flemish development cooperation. The grant will be used to update the guide. The Government of Flanders already lent its support to the creation of this guide.

Duration and budget

An amount of 309,102 euros was earmarked for this project.

Problem definition

Cervical cancer is one of the most treatable cancers. In many developed countries, the number of deaths has decreased considerably thanks to the introduction of better screening programmes. In low and middle income countries, on the other hand, this disease is still one of the most lethal cancers.

Practical implementation

The Flemish contribution will be used to update the guidelines on cervical cancer.

This manual of guidelines serves worldwide as the reference document par excellence for health workers and policy planners. The guide allows policymakers to implement national programmes for the prevention, detection and treatment of cervical cancer.

The guide contains guidelines, recommendations and clinical procedures. In 2006, the guide was first published after two years of developing and testing in the field. This was partially made possible thanks to Flanders’ scientific input. The guidelines were developed in English and then translated into the six official languages of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and distributed worldwide.

The Government of Flanders contributed to the development of the guide. Due to the emergence of newer technologies, an update was required, however. In 2009, Flanders already supported the first project phase of this update. The current contribution would be used to finance a number of activities during the follow-up phase. Finally, this should result in the new version of the guide.


World Health Organisation (WHO)