Grant for agriculture sector support in Malawi 2016

Project: Agriculture Sector Wide Approach (ASWAp) in Malawi

Beneficiary: Multi Donor Trust Fund

Duration: 2017-2018

Amount: 5.000.000 euro

Together with several donors, the agricultural sector in Malawi  will be supported through the Agriculture Sector Wide Approach (ASWAp). The Support Project (ASWAp-SP) provides technical and financial support to the Ministry of Agriculture for the implementation of this ASWAp. Funding is provided through the Multi-Donor Trust Fund and is supervised by the World Bank. Besides Flanders, the EU, Norway, Ireland, USAID and the World Bank contribute to this fund.

With ASWAp-SP the effectiveness and sustainability of investments focused on food security and growth in the agricultural sector in malawi should improve. this by strengthening the Ministry of Agriculture, improving agricultural information services and agricultural research and by stimulating the investment climate in the agriculture sector. Additionally ASWAp-SP coordinates the projects of the various ministries involved in the implementation of ASWAp.

The Government of Flanders contributes 5 million euros to the Multi-Donor Trust Fund for the implementation of ASWAp-SP for the next two years. therefore, the Government wants to counter the fragmentation of aid and improve the efficiency of the cooperation between Flanders and Malawi.