Grant for a national plan of action on HIV/AIDS for women and girls 2006

Duration: 2006-2011

Budget: 2.000.000

The Government of Flanders wants to contribute to the creation and realisation of a national plan of action on HIV/AIDS for women and girls.

Duration and budget

The Government of Flanders has earmarked 2 million euros for this project. The project ran from 2006 until end 2011.

Practical implementation

The project “Enhancing community and national capacity to effectively address vulnerabilities of women and girls to HIV and AIDS” creates and realises a national plan of action for women and girls. Aimed at is that all the concerned bodies can realise this national plan of action independently. The risks and dangerous practices girls and women are exposed to will be recognised faster, which will make the combat more efficient. The goal is to make this target group less vulnerable to infections, and give them easier access to health services, social security and the legal system.


The National AIDS Commission, the Ministry of Gender, Children and Community Development, and some non-governmental organisations are working together on the implementation of this plan.