Grant Exhibition Kleureyck, 2019

Project: Exhibition  "Kleureyck. Van Eycks kleuren in design" 

Beneficiary: Design Museum Gent and Lille 3000

Amount: 100 000 euro

duration: March 2020 - January 2021

The exhibition "Kleureyck. Van Eycks kleuren in design" (Van Eyck's colors in Design) is a co-production of the Design Museum Ghent and Lille 3000, the organization of the City of Lille, the Ministry of Culture of France, the Hauts-de-France region and the EU for keeping the dynamics in Lille, created in 2004 by  "Lille, Cultural Capital of Europe" alive.

The exhibition ties in with the ambitious Van Eyck exhibition of the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent and the Flemish Masters campaign of Visit Flanders, which in 2020 will highlight Jan Van Eyck. The exhibition takes the visitor along the seven main colors and the pigment universe of Jan Van Eyck on the basis of 80 loans and 20 pieces from the collection of the Design Museum Ghent.

The exhibition will first be on display in Ghent (March to September 2020) and then in Le Tripostal in Lille (October 2020 - January 2021) as part of the Lille, World Design Capital 2020 program.

The grant is for the international communication campaign, public activities, the fringe program and the fees of the freelancers. And fits within the cultural cooperation agreement between Flanders and Hauts-de-France.