Grant 'digital disclosure of the paintings of Pieter Bruegel ,the Elder', 2019

Project: digital disclosure of 'the Seasons', series of paintings of Pieter Bruegel  the Elder

Beneficiary : Kunsthistorisch Museum Vienna

Amount: 55 000 euro

Duration: January 2020 - October 2021

Based on the succesful retrospective exhibition 'Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Once in a lifetime' in 2019, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna (KHM) has, with financial support from the Flemish government, developed an instrument to digitally collect and analyze Bruegel's works and make it accessible to a wide audience (

The huge success of this exhibition and website led to the request of many international museums to turn the online tool into a long-term digital catalog of the work of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The KHM starts with the digital disclosure of six paintings, known under the collective name The Seasons.

This grant contributes to this project and builds on the many years of cooperation between Flanders and the KHM. The project not only offers a visual return for Flanders and the Flemish Representation in Vienna, but also gives Flemish academic and cultural actors the opportunity to develop and exchange expertise.