Procedures and forms

The intern is himself responsible for finding an internship. To apply for a subsidy, we kindly ask you to submit the online form below. The request must be submitted, at the earliest, six months before the start of the traineeship.


Application form

Evaluation forms

  • For the payment of the balance, 2 forms must be submitted electronically at the latest two months after the end of the work placement:
  1. The personal (online) evaluation form (your personal identification number was enclosed with the signed subsidy decree)
  2. The evaluation form completed by your internship supervisor: docx fileinvulformulier stagebegeleider (127 KB)

What if I apply for a grant during my internship?

If the application is submitted after the start of the internship, financing may be provided for the remaining period of the work placement, provided this period lasts at least 2 full months.

Applications may be submitted throughout the year, but when the annual budget has been spent, the approval of applications is no longer possible. One-third of the annual budget for funding may provide no earlier than 1 September, except for extensions of internships that have already been approved for funding. The application for a subsidy must be made through the application form, that is sent electronically with the required documents. The procedure requires 20 working days on average. The subsidy can be reclaimed fully or partially if the internship ends early or if the conditions are not met.