Flemish – Dutch Comprehensive Reading Council established

  • June 12, 2018

On 12 June, the Comprehensive Reading Council was established during a meeting of the Committee of Ministers of the Dutch Language Union. The reason for this council were the results of the PIRLS study. The study showed that the level of comprehensive reading of pupils in the fourth grade in Flanders is deteriorating. As proposed by Minister for Education Hilde Crevits, Flanders and the Netherlands will work together on an action plan.

A few months ago, the results of the international PIRLS study were published. The results showed that 97% of the Flemish students achieved the standard level, but the average level has been decreasing generally during the past ten years.

Therefore Minister for Education Hilde Crevits and her Dutch colleague Ingrid van Engelshoven have decided to set up the Comprehensive Reading Council. Minister Crevits: “The Council will have 10 members, all experts from the Netherlands and Flanders. By the end of this year they will draw up an Action Plan for Comprehensive Reading, with the support of the complete educational sector. With this project, we aim to improve students' reading comprehension skills.

The Committee of Ministers – the Dutch and Flemish ministers for Culture and Education – meet twice a year to determine the policy of the Dutch Language Union.

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