'Flanders welcomes the bereaved' 2017 - 2020

Project: 1917 - 2017 Flanders welcomes the bereaved

Beneficiary: Westtoer apb

Amount: 15.980 Euros

Duration: 2017

For the important commemorative year 2017 Westtoer started the  project '1917 Total war in Flanders'. The main communication tool for the project in the targeted countries (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany and the Netherlands) , is a social media designed promotional video. The movies end with a warm invitation to visit Flanders Fields and specifically to visit the grave of the soldier in question. 

From the good contact between the researchers and the bereaved, the idea grew to invite these people to Flanders (Flanders Fields) in 2017, 100 years after the events occurred. It is an expression of gratitude to the families and a tribute to the commitment of the soldiers 100 years ago.