Flanders UNESCO Trustfunds

To streamline the cooperation with UNESCO, Flanders has created two trust funds: the Flanders UNESCO Science Trust Fund (FUST) and the General Trust Fund (FUT).

The Flemish Department for Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI) contributes to science projects via the FUST that is mainly focused on water management and oceans. These projects also contribute to the fight against climate change. The Flemish Department of Foreign Affairs contributes every two years about 900.000 euro to the FUT with a focus on heritage and Africa.

By supporting projects and activities in Africa, Flanders recognizes and supports the priority position that UNESCO has given to this region. This is in line with Flemish policy and our partnerships with Mozambique, Malawi and South Africa. 

In addition, Flanders is committed to the preservation of heritage in all its aspects. Over the years, many projects have been supported that focused on cultural, natural and intangible heritage (rituals, dance, music, …) in Africa, as well as marine heritage worldwide (coral reefs). In addition, Flanders made funds available for World Heritage sites in immediate danger as is the case in Syria (war) and Nepal (earthquake). Through this collaboration with UNESCO, Flanders is committed to protect and safeguard heritage as a means to support development, peace building and cultural diversity.

Between 2000 and 2018 the contributions for both FUT and FUST add up to 33 million euro, making Flanders a very reliable and well-regarded UNESCO donor.