Flanders prepared for 2nd phase brexit negotiations

  • December 5, 2017

"I am very confident that we will reach agreement in the course of this week." On 4 December EU Commission President Juncker and British Prime Minister May were unable to announce a deal on the first phase of the Brexit negotiations. They still have until the European Council on 15 December. Then the 27 EU Member States decide whether sufficient progress has been made to proceed to the second phase of the negotiations. 

This second phase, on the future relations between the EU and the UK, is important for Flanders. In order to be able to weigh on these negotiations, the Government of Flanders has identified its priorities in a vision statement. 

Flanders consistently advocates a trade-friendly brexit and the conclusion of a comprehensive and thorough trade agreement. This agreement on future relations should also allow low-threshold cooperation in other domains such as fisheries, transport, energy, the environment, safety, research and education. Maintaining a level playing field and fair financial contributions are indispensable in this. 

Read "Vision statement for the brexit negotiations"