First meeting with new Catalan president Torra

  • July 17, 2018

On 17 July, Minister-president Geert Bourgeois had a first meeting with the new president of Catalania Quim Torra. Bourgeois was the first official head of government to be warmly welcomed by the Catalan president in the Paulau de la Generalitat, Barcelona.

In this first meeting, issues like bilateral and economic cooperation between the regions were discussed. They also talked about the Catalan issue. Bourgeois emphasized the importance of his visit to Catalonia because of the long-standing cooperation between Flanders and Catalonia. He made reference to the close relationship that have tied Catalonia and Flanders together since 1992. Both government leaders intend to resume cooperation. In this context, Torra en Bourgeois will exchange proposals in the autumn. This will imply the Industry 4.0, the digital and knowledge economy, smart cities, research and development, cross-border cooperation at EU level and participation in EU programs. Bourgeois welcomed the dialogue between Barcelona and Madrid, but he also expressed his concern of the fate of the Catalan political prisoners.

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