Decent work

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SDG Decent Work

Decent work, including social dialogue, is of central importance in the Flemish agenda for sustainable development, since it is an effective tool against poverty. To promote this, the Government of Flanders is working in close cooperation with the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

The structural cooperation with ILO is given shape through the cooperation agreement and the Flemish Trust Fund to ILO. The resources of this Trust Fund are used to fund ILO projects. These projects are designed to promote decent work in the partner countries of Flemish development cooperation, as well as worldwide through the support of umbrella projects.

Decent work is also a key theme in the cooperation programme with South Africa. This programme acknowledges the role of social enterprises, SMEs and innovation in boosting the country’s socio-economic growth. For this purpose, Flanders works together with a multitude of actors, including public authorities, academics and civil society.


Since 2006 Flanders supports microfinance in the South to promote entrepreneurship and employment. The Government of Flanders can grant government guarantees to Flemish development funds and take stakes in international investment funds in the field of microfinancing.