Czech Republic

Flanders and the Czech Republic have a lot in common: the love for beer and brewing, the struggle for one's own culture and language in the past and a shared history when both were part of the great Habsburg Empire (18th century).

The General Representation of Flanders took office in Vienna in 1994. Almost the Government of Flanders decided to open a diplomatic antenna in Prague. This office in the Czech Republic works closely with the headquarters in Vienna and is active in all areas for which Flanders is competent, except for the tasks performed by Flanders Investment & Trade and Tourism Flanders.

Flemish artists have long found their way to the many Czech festivals in the fields of dance, music, literature and theatre. The Czech Republic is Flanders' 18th export partner and a few dozen Flemish companies are active there. The Czech Republic belongs to the hinterland of the Flemish ports.

The Cooperation Agreement between the Flemish Government and the Government of the Czech Republic was signed in 2002. Six work programmes have followed since then. There is great potential for cooperation in the field of innovation. There's a reason why Robot is a Czech word.