Country strategy paper Malawi 2014-2018

On 13 August 2013, the country strategy paper "Development Cooperation between Flanders and Malawi" was approved by the Government of Flanders.

This new country strategy paper followed the positive evaluation of the previous cooperation program (CSP 2009-2013). Both governments agreed to continue cooperation in the agriculture and food security sector. The CSP 2014-2018 also reflects the Malawian government policy priorities as stated in the Malawian Growth and Development Strategy and the Malawian Economic Recovery Program.

The primarily focus of the country strategy paper is the fight against extreme poverty and hunger. Secondly, the CSP wants to promote gender equality and empowerment of women, establishing a sustainable environment and the creation of a global partnership for development.


pdf file2013 Country strategy paper Malawi 2014 - 2018.pdf (1.21 MB)

A midterm review followed in december 2016: pdf fileMidterm review CSP II 20 December 2016 (1.58 MB)

Landenstrategienota Malawi 2014 - 2018