Construction of instruction rooms and labs Mozambique (2009)

Project: strengthening the Mozambican technical education by supporting the building of instruction rooms

Beneficiary: Society of the Salesians of Don Bosco

Duration: 2009-2011

Budget: 1.800.000 euro

At the end of the Mozambican civil war, the Salesian society, among others, devoted itself to help develop the country’s technical education. In 1994, a Salesian network for professional education was created (“Rede Salesiana de Formaçao Profissional em Moçambique”). The Salesians developed a network of schools and other centres for technical education in the entire country.

In the framework of reforming the country’s technical and professional education, the Mozambican Ministry of Education (MINED) and the society of the Salesians of Don Bosco signed an agreement on cooperation. This agreement holds that the Salesians are to build an instruction centre for teachers and managers of professional education. The MINED is responsible for the teachers’ wages. The institutions are managed by the Salesians, and the MINED helps the Salesian society importing the needed equipment.

In 2006, the Mozambican government created the Higher Institute of Don Bosco (ISDB). The ISDB is a private institution for higher education and has a seat in Maputo. The ISDB offers trainings, leading to a diploma in pedagogy. Since 2007, the ISDB also offers distance learning courses, and since 2008 it even organises classic trainings for teachers in electronics and mechanics.

The Government of Flanders’ money was assigned for the construction of the instruction rooms and electronics and mechanics labs. The instruction rooms financed by Flanders can be used for education during 20 years.

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