Commemoration 'Battle of Messines' (2017)

Project: Commemoration Battle of Messines 

Beneficiary: City Messines

Amount: 60.000 euros

Duration: June 7, 2017

On Wednesday, June 7, 2017 it will be exactly 100 years ago that 19 mines exploded under the German positions and thus heralded the start of the infamous Battle of Messines. The explosions resulted in gigantic craters, which are still visible in Messines, Ypres and Heuvelland. Several monuments and cemeteries in the region refer to this historical battle.

100 years later, these historical events are commemorated internationally. There will be a number of official ceremonies on historic and iconic locations that refer to the events of 100 years ago. 

  • Ceremony of New Zealand in New Zealand Memorial of the Messines Ridge British Cemetery in Messines
  • Ceremony of Australia Strand military Cemetery in Comines-Warneton
  • Ceremony of Ireland-Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) at the Irish Peace Park in Messines and Wytschaete Military Cemetery in hills.

The Government of Flanders provides support for the coordination, organization and communication of the event.