Sustainable development goal 1
Sustainable Development goal 5
SDG 13 climate action

Climate is a factor that threatens to increase inequality in the world even more. Climate change, for instance, is more pronounced in developing countries than in the northern hemisphere. In addition, people in developing countries are much more dependent on natural resources for their livelihoods and incomes. They have less financial and technical capacity to arm themselves with appropriate technologies against this challenge.

That is why Flanders commits itself, together with the international community, to offer financial and technical support to the developing countries in order to enable them to follow a low-carbon development path, and to enhance their resilience to the consequences of climate change in their community.

Flemish development cooperation is operational in developing countries and has the expertise needed to identify, fund, monitor and report international climate projects. This cooperation is mainly targeted on Southern Africa, with specific focus on building resilience to climate in the concentration sectors of agriculture, job creation, disaster prevention and health.

Climate finance

All the countries together want to reserve an annual sum of 100 billion dollars for international climate finance by 2020. Flanders is committed to earmarking €14.5 million each year for this purpose in the period from 2016 to 2020.