350.000 euro emergency aid for Mosul refugees

  • November 18, 2016

On 18 November, the Government of Flanders approved 350,000 euros in emergency aid to UNHCR for the refugees of Mosul.

Mosul is the third largest city in Iraq and located just across the border of the Kurdish Autonomous Region in Iraq. Since 2014, Mosul is in the hands of Islamic State (DAESH/IS). The Kurdish population but also the Christian minority in the city were persecuted and expelled. In October of this year, a major offensive was launched to free Mosul from DAESH/IS.

The battle for Mosul has major humanitarian consequences in an already very vulnerable region. The Refugee Agency of the United Nations (UNHCR) estimates about 1 million people will flee the violence. UNHCR, together with other humanitarian organizations and local governments are in full preparation for this new refugee stream. Let's not forget the Kurdish Autonomous Region already accepted over 1,8 million refugees on its territory which is why Kurdish Minister Ali Sindi explicitly asked for support for the Mosul refugees during his visit to Flanders last August.

UNHCR focuses on providing sufficient shelter for the refugees, protecting the most vulnerable groups and camp coordination to improve the refugees' quality of life. Flanders contributes 350,000 euros to this global emergency aid plan.


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