2 M € for Flemish-Dutch cooperation on regenerative medicine

  • October 27, 2017

On 27 October the Government of Flanders approved a € 2 million grant to RegMEd XB. RegMed XB is the name of the new Flemish-Dutch collaboration on regenerative medicine. This new partnership was established at the Flemish-Dutch Formal Summit in November 2016.

The summit led, among other things, to agreements on high tech cooperation on six innovative themes. One of the themes is life science and health, including regenerative medicine.

In RegMed XB, Dutch and Flemish knowledge institutions, universities, academic hospitals, health funds and companies collaborate on new solutions for patients with diabetes, kidney disease and osteoarthritis. The ambition is to grow into a world-leading, innovative institute that accelerates the growth of a new industrial cluster, finds solutions for patients and contributes to affordable care.

Picture: Signing of the Hightech collaboration during the Formal Summit in 2016 in Ghent.