150,000 euros humanitarian aid for Kasai

  • May 11, 2018

On 11 May, Minister-president Bourgeois granted 150,000 euros humanitarian aid for the young victims of the famine in the Congolese region of Kasai.

A recent UNICEF report shows that urgent humanitarian aid is needed for 2.3 million children in Kasai. Because of violent conflicts in this southern province, many families have been unable to farm. In some areas, three harvest seasons have already been missed. As a result, there is a great famine. 770,000 Congolese children are severely malnourished and as many as 400,000 are likely to die from malnutrition.

The Minister-president decided to immediately release 150,000 euros for the children in Kasai: "We will work with UNICEF that is already on site carrying out aid projects. UNICEF will intensify the food distribution to health centers and hospitals and is expanding its training activities for local health professionals to promote the best nutritional practices. "