Flanders Trainee Programme

Many students and young graduates dream of doing a internship at an multilateral organisation. For most of them,  however, this remains a dream. This is not surprising, given the costs of such an unpaid internship. In order to gild this financial pill to some extent, there is the Flemish subsidy programme: the Flanders Trainee Programme.

28 April, 2017:  The budget for the first half of 2017 has been spent. As of August 31, new applications can be submitted.  Applications for extension of internships for which prior funding has been granted, remain possible. 

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This week: Klass

flanderstraineeprogramme Hello, my name is Klåss Clerkx - @iamklass - and I'm working as an intern at ILO in Durban. It's already my second last week of a five month journey. My main focus is working for the Sustainable Enterprise Development Facility (SEDF).