Flemish pilot projects making the difference in Malawi

  • September 8, 2017

Along with the Ambassador of Malawi, Tedson Kalebe, Minister-president Bourgeois and 100 invitees celebrated on 7 September 10 years cooperation between Flanders and Malawi. Since 2007, the cooperation has become stronger and more intense. 

The partnership between Flanders and Malawi focuses on agriculture and food security, with special attention for agricultural information. In this sector, Flemish development cooperation is a key actor and often a pioneer for other donors. A conscious choice, said Minister-president Bourgeois: "As a flexible donor, Flanders is able to support innovative initiatives, focusing on a limited number of strategic initiatives and creating synergies. Other development partners are inspired by our work on agricultural extension. We wish to continue our positive track record".

This successful role as an innovator and catalyst was also highlighted by participants in the panel discussion Rex Chapota (NGO Farm Radio Trust) and Jerome Chim'gonda-Nkhoma (Ministry of Agriculture of Malawi). The small-scale pilot projects started with Flemish support, are often in, a later phase, picked up by other donors resulting in scale expansion.

Ambassador Kalebe emphasized that the continued Flemish support for the agricultural sector had and has a major impact on the living conditions of the Malawian population.

Minister-president Bourgeois has just returned from his ten day visit to the Flemish partner countries in southern Africa, including Malawi. The ten year partnership was also celebrated in Lilongwe. Together with Minister of Agriculture Mwanamvekha, Minister-president Bourgeois visited a number of projects supported by Flanders.

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